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LD Technology is proud to announce a new clinical study of our PTG Spectral Analysis technology has been accepted for publication by The Journal of Diabetes and its Complications ((http://www.jdcjournal.com/).

The title of the study is “Assessment of insulin sensitivity by the hyperinsulinemic euglycemic clamp: comparison with the spectral analysis of photoplethysmography”

Here is a link to the study: http://www.jdcjournal.com/article/S1056-8727(16)30731-0/abstract
The excellent results of this clinical study have far exceeded our assumptions, hopes, and expectations. This study clearly shows that our PTG technology markers can accurately identify insulin resistance. ” The ROC curves showed that the most relevant cutoff to the whole study group was a PTG-TP > 406.2. This cut-off had a sensitivity = 95.7%, specificity = 84,4% and the area under the ROC curve (AUC) = 0.929 for identifying insulin resistance. All AUC ROC curve analysis were significant (p < 0.0001)”
This is the 4th publication related to our PTG Spectral Analysis Markers, and once again we have shown high specificity and sensitivity to detect all stages of development for diabetes and its complications.

​Click here to read the full publication

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