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TBL-ABI has been cleared by US FDA

LD Technology received its 13th US FDA 510k Clearance

The TBL-ABI is measuring the Ankle Brachial Indices via 3 Bluetooth Blood pressure.

The Volume Plethysmography of the 3 measurement is displayed in real time using the large artery Pulse wave.

TBL-ABI replaces the TM-ABI because it presents the following advantages:

  • Improvement of the patient comfort: No tube or wire on the body
  • Reduction of the technician errors when preparing the patient for taking a measurement:

. In addition of the color code of the cuffs, the devices are labelled “ARM”, LEFT ANKLE” and ” RIGHT ANKLE”

. All the cuffs are labelled with a blue arrow “DOWN” , and therefore, the technician don’t have to take care about the direction of the tubes.

  • 60 to 100 measurements when the battery is charged.
  • Placement of the cuffs into the box using a USB charger that stop automatically when the battery is fully charged.

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